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Garlic Ginger Beef and Broccolini
Garlic Ginger Beef and Broccolini

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We hope you got benefit from reading it, now let’s go back to garlic ginger beef and broccolini recipe. You can have garlic ginger beef and broccolini using 22 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

The ingredients needed to prepare Garlic Ginger Beef and Broccolini:
  1. Use Beef (Roughly 1 pound)
  2. Use Marinade
  3. Prepare Ginger
  4. Take Garlic
  5. Provide Squirts Hoisin Sauce
  6. Provide Big Shakes Oyster Sauce
  7. Use Fish Sauce
  8. Get Soy Sauce
  9. Take Hot Sauce (Optional)
  10. You need Chilli Flakes (Optional)
  11. Use Black Pepper
  12. Get Sugar
  13. Get Lime Juice (1 Lime)
  14. You need Olive Oil
  15. Take Broccolini
  16. Take Chilli Oil
  17. Use Garlic
  18. Take Ginger
  19. Prepare Chilli Flakes
  20. Use Fish Sauce
  21. Prepare Salt
  22. You need Pepper
Steps to make Garlic Ginger Beef and Broccolini:
  1. Prepare your marinade by getting your wet ingredients into a bowl. Add the dry ingredients and whisk vigorously. Dump into a large freezer bag along with beef. Marinade at least 2 hours. Turn the bag over half way through. I don’t know if there is science behind it, but it makes me feel better.
  2. Remove beef from fridge and get it on the skewers. Put a little oil in a pan and get it hot. You can cook down the remaining marinade as a sauce. I don’t recommend going heavy on it though. Just a drizzle at the end.
  3. Cook the beef on a Med-High setting for about 3 minutes on one side and 2 minutes on the other. Use your judgement.
  4. Boil the broccolini for about 3 minutes to get the bitterness out. Immediately submerge in cold water.
  5. Get the chilli oil hot with the garlic and ginger. Add in the broccolini. Heat it with the fish sauce and seasonings. Pan fry until fork tender, but leave a little crunch.
  6. Drizzle a little of the reduced marinade on the beef. Serve with white rice.

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